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The Peoples’ Poncho
Posted by Emma Morton on

The Peoples’ Poncho

1. What is your name?
The People's Poncho

2. Describe yourself in two words.



3. Where are you based?

4. What do you make/supply to BiCo?
Waterproof Cycling Ponchos

5. What do you love about what you do?
We're a small team and I love how involved I am in the brand. From talking to customers to designing new products.

6. What's special about your products?
They are 12,000 mm in waterproof terms which makes them extremely waterproof, as well as the special bike features such as the waist band to keep the poncho from flapping up in the wind, reflective strips & piping & handlebar straps to hook your poncho onto the front of your bike.

7. Favourite type of cycling?

8. Favourite cycling location?

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