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The Side Hustle
Posted by Emma Morton on

The Side Hustle

So I’ve discovered podcasts. I’ve known about them for some time but I’ve now started to tune in. I subscribe, browse, dip in and out of different ones. A few have caught my eye (or ear) and I’ve become a regular listener tuning in at my convenience, that’s what’s so great about them. In the gym and on the train are my two favourite ‘listening windows’. 

I’m often on a train because I travel to London regularly with my job.  My job, the day job, is at an international real estate consultancy. It’s what I’ve done for the past 20 years and what I studied at University. It’s a fun and fascinating industry to work in which I really enjoy.  

This week I’ve been inspired by one of my regular listens On the Make by the brilliant Josephine Brooks Episode 31 with Supal Desai discussed ‘coming out’ with your side hustle, to be brave and openly talk about it. To not be afraid that it may negatively impact how seriously you are taken in your ‘career’ or ‘day job’. So here I am loud and proud that alongside my main job I run the Bicycle Collective which I love.

Setting up my web shop has helped me with my job and vice versa. I’ve learnt new skills and met loads of new interesting people which has generated all sorts of new ideas. The two roles are so different but overlap in so many ways which I was not expecting. I strictly manage my time between the two and find my side hustle helps me relax from the demands of the 9-5 office job. So thank you to Supal who is so right, there are so many benefits and cross fertilisation of ideas from running a side hustle. I no longer worry about the negative impression it may give in my workplace but actively talk about it to demonstrate my varied expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. I hope the more we encourage and embrace the portfolio career and side hustle, more employers will identify with them as positives.

Thank you to @supaldesai_ and @josephinepbrooks

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