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Made by Crankalicious

The Classics Gift Box

Keep your bike looking pristine and roadworthy with this complete range of cleaning products which are handmade in the UK.

A selection of 7x100ml bottles in a foil-embossed gift box, containing the 'classic' range of Crankalicious products. These offer a perfect introduction to cycle care, with all the stages and important elements of bike cleaning being covered. Whether sampling the range, or treating a lucky recipient, this Gift Box is everything you need to keep your bike like new.


1x Mud Honey - Foaming Bucket Wash (100ml)

1x Pineapple Express - Rapid Acting Bike Cleaner (100ml)

1x Limon Velo - Grease, Gunk and Grime Remover (100ml)

1x Mayo Jaune - Intensive Frame Polish (100ml)

1x Gumchained Remedy - High Performance Chain Cleaner (100ml)

1x Epic Hide - Leather and Vinyl Cleanser (100ml)

1x Eunduro - Long-Lasting Frame Sealant (100ml)

Also contains 1x Crankalicious Waterproof Sticker