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The Bicycle Collective is an independent company on a mission to encourage everyone to cycle.

Founder Emma Morton has always been a keen cyclist but moving to Cambridge inspired the idea to build a webshop to promote cycling products which are stylish and functional. 

We are keen to recognise all types of cycling.  It's the best mode of transport and exercise we can think of and with the right kit there's no need to travel any other way. It's all about the journey and we're here to make it an adventure.

We are a collective because everything we stock has been handpicked.  A lot of time is spent searching for the right products which meet our select criteria. We only work with producers and designers who share our passion for quality and originality.  The story of our products is an important one to tell so you will find details of the people we work with throughout the site. 

Enjoy the journey.

Live the adventure.

Tell the story.