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Made by Crane Bell Co

Bicycle Bell

A beautiful looking and clean sounding bicycle bell, that's compact and has a clean crisp chime. An essential piece of cycling kit to alert others to your presence and politer than a bike horn!

The Crane Bell Co know a thing or two about bike bells. Their clean designs look good and are easy to chime. The perfect urban cycling accessory.

The Classic Bike Bell is compact and comes in a variety of finishes. Mounted on the handlebar the thumb trigger is easy to ring out with a clear crisp chime.  For a loud bell the trigger can be pushed to full range for maximum impact on release of the hammer element.

The bell attaches with a clamp band mount which has been coated to prevent scratching.

Designed to fit handlebars between 22.2mm-31.8mm round. It's quick and easy to fit with a hex bolt that tightens with the provided Allen key to adjust to the size of the handlebar.

The bell itself is a 37mm dome.

Weight 53g

An easy to trigger thumb lever creates the chime.

Each bell has its own unique chime due to the material and colour finish.

Copper, Matte Gold, Polished Gold, Chrome Plated and Neo Black are all made of brass.

Stealth Black, Silver and Brown are made of aluminium.

Crane Bell Co are a Japanese based company who have been trading for over 20 years.