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Made by Crankalicious

Bike Chain Cleaning Sponge


Foldable cellulose pad designed specifically for bicycle chain cleaning.

If your chain is not heavily soiled, or if you don't have time for a full deep clean using a chain-cleaning device, then the Cell Foam chain cleaning sponge will suit your needs perfectly. Made from a special cellulose foam to prevent any rips or tears that you would see occur in a normal sponge or cloth, Cell Foam will remove debris and grit from within and around the chain.

Simply load with a chain cleaning liquid, such as Gumchained Remedy, clasp the Cell Foam around your chain (as you can see in the pictures) and rotate the pedals backwards, until clean.

Single Pack

Instructions; Moisten to make soft. Use a specialist chain cleaning liquid (e.g. Gumchained Remedy) for best performance. After use, massage foam under a running tap with neat washing-up liquid to remove most of the contamination – some staining may persist. Then rinse with cold water and allow to dry naturally.