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Made by Crankalicious

Bike Cleaning Kit


The perfect gift for the cyclist in your life (that includes yourself). This kit provides a complete range of cleaning products which are handmade in the UK.

A well maintained bike and extra speed go hand in hand. A selection of 7x100ml bottles in a foil-embossed gift box, containing the 'classic' range of Crankalicious products. These offer a perfect introduction to cycle care, with all the stages and important elements of bike cleaning covered. An ideal sample box or the perfect cycling gift. The box contains everything you need to keep your bike running smoothly and looking like new.


1x Mud Honey - Foaming Bucket Wash (100ml) for cleaning the whole bike.

1x Pineapple Express - Rapid Acting Bike Cleaner (100ml) for a direct hit on tough stains.

1x Limon Velo - Grease, Gunk and Grime Remover (100ml) for fast effective removal of gunk, grime and grease from the chain, brakes and other areas.

1x Mayo Jaune - Intensive Frame Polish (100ml) for that extra shine

1x Gumchained Remedy - High Performance Degreaser & Chain Cleaner (100ml) specifically for the chain to keep everything spinning.

1x Epic Hide - Leather and Vinyl Cleanser for your Saddle (100ml) to protect from the rub and the elements.

1x Eunduro - Long-Lasting Frame Sealant (100ml) frame protector and repellant for a longer term finish.