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Made by BikeCap

Water Resistant Saddle Cover

Keep your seat dry with these stylish saddle covers.

- Fits standard bike seats, saddles, shells and padding.
- Elasticated fit.
- Made with a strong but smooth woven material, which repels water.

Covers are approximately 29 x 25cm

75 grams

Instructions for the use of bike seat cover security band included.

There are 2 ways to use the bike seat cover. Place the cover on your bike seat. When it rains or has rained, take the cover off and tuck it under the bike seat. The bike ride with a dry bike seat can start. Alternatively you can keep the bike seat cover stored under your bike seat. If it has rained, simply pull the cover from under the bike seat and place it on top.

The bike seat covers are water-repellent and provided with an anti-theft ribbon to attach the cover to the saddle stem.

Small saddle covers also available here.