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Bike Brake Cleaner

Keep your brakes working perfectly by ensuring everything is residue free with  the Rotorissimo bike brake cleaner.

Residue and dirt can build up all over the bike, it's particularly important to keep the brakes clean to ensure they are working properly and efficiently.  This applies to all types of cycling, bike and brake (rim and disc).  As the dirt can include a build up of oil from the chain and road it's advisable to use a specialist product which will act as a degreaser.  Use this residue free cleaner to remove all that a ride throws at your brakes, to ensure perfect stopping power and help prevent premature brake/rim wear or failure.

Volume 500ml

Provided in a spray bottle for ease of application.

Refills available.

Suitable for rim and disc brakes.

Instructions: Apply Rotorissimo directly onto all braking surfaces - discs, pads, blocks and rims. Remove grime and brake debris with sponge/brush/cloth, as appropriate.