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Bike Chain Cleaner

High performance bicycle chain cleaner acts as a degreaser to reduce chain friction caused by contamination. 

Keep your chain moving freely and at it's best by using Gumchained Remedy. The cleaner the chain the easier it will be to pedal and so the faster you can go!  This solution is a strong solvent with superb penetrating properties to remove dirt, grime, old oil residues and sludge - making your chain almost as good as new. Suits direct or device application. Please note that you will need to re-lube your chain after using Gumchained Remedy.


Instructions: Pour Gumchained Remedy directly into your chain cleaning tool, or onto a chain cleaning sponge. Clasp the sponge or device around the chain and turn the pedals backwards for 30-60 seconds. Dry chain with clean cloth, then re-lube entire drivetrain.