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Made by Fahrer

Kicker - Football Carrier

For cyclists who are also enthusiastic about ball sports, the safe transport of a ball on the bike is often a challenge. 

The KICKER can be easily attached to the bike with an industrial Velcro strap and keeps the ball safe while you ride. When you arrive at your destination, it can just as easily be removed from the bike. The ball holder can be attached to various places on the bike, including the top tube or handlebar.

The KICKER, which is made of recycled truck tarpaulin, is produced in cooperation with a workshop for people with disabilities in Berlin.


  • Ball holder for the bicycle
  • Safe storage while riding
  • Different designs
  • For size 5 football, basketball or handball 
  • Material: recycled truck tarpaulin
  • Handcrafted & designed in Berlin