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Packable Pannier

An emergency pannier bag to safely carry everything on your bike. Made from recycled rice bags, reusable and recyclable a sustainable alternative to single use bags.

We've all been there, buying more than will fit into the bags we've taken. Balancing carrier bags on each handle bar (not to be recommended). The BikeZac 2.0 is perfect for those occasions. It's the bag for life for your bike.

Made of recycled woven PP (polypropylene fabric), a durable and hard-wearing material. The material comes from recycled rice bags.

The bag folds and rolls into a flat pack version, similar to the size of a rolled up newspaper (see dimensions below).

The upper rim has two roll clips to easily attach to a pannier rack, unclipping is also easy sing the T-shape handle. This also acts as the 'peg' to hoop the other side of the bag to the frame, keeping everything secure when you're on the move.


When flat: H40xW47xL1 cm

When filled: H40xW29xL18 cm

Max weight: 8KG

Volume: 21L