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Made by Reflective Berlin

Reflective DIY Sticker Sheet

Customise your bike in your own design using the DIY reflective sheets

Let your creative juices flow and make your bike unique with your own designs, simply cut to shape and apply. Different colour patterns available.

Each pack contains one sheet and a measuring tool.

Ideas for use include:

  • Covering a logo
  • Create your own shapes and designs
  • Create a pattern
  • Use whole sheets for full coverage on specific areas

View a Tutorial 

The printed sheets are UV and scratch resistant.
They can sustain extreme weather and temperature conditions.
Can be cut with scissors or a scalpel.
Can be wiped clean after application.

Full application instructions included, apply to a clean and dry surface (not suitable for textile or foam materials). Once applied allow 1-2 days for the adhesive to completely set.