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Made by Reflective Berlin

Reflective Kit - Cargo Bike

Design Your Cargo Bike

These kits contain three large reflective sticker sheets in different patterns for larger surfaces, so they are perfect for cargo bikes and transport boxes of all kinds.

The arches can be individually disassembled and reassembled, making them adaptable for different frame shapes and geometries, giving you a unique result.

Tips for a Unique Result

Plan your design and lay out the pattern before applying to the bike. You can cut the sheets to develop your own unique pattern with the individual parts. The "Sunrise" elements can be tilted in all directions or even mirrored, so that you can create beautiful effects that each have a completely different look.  

Since the same design also comes in a set of smaller shapes, you can complete your work and continue styling in places with less space. Or you can design your helmet to match the bike.


3 sheets of 60x10cm, weeded and with application foil.


The printed colors are UV-resistant and scratch-resistant, ie no fading due to sunlight or color loss due to weather or everyday stress.

The thickness of the sticker is around 0.1mm.


Apply the stickers to smooth solid surfaces.
Textiles or hard foam (Urban Arrow) are not suitable surfaces.
With the help of the transparent application film, the stickers can be easily detached from the carrier material and applied either together or individually as you wish.
The surface must be dry and free from grease and dirt particles.
The outside temperature when gluing must not fall below 10° Celsius and ideally corresponds to room temperature.
Allow 1-2 days for the adhesive to fully dry.


After the stickers have been properly applied, you can sit back and relax. Bad weather doesn't bother them. If it gets dirty, you can wipe the film off with water or commercially available cleaners without hesitation.