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Cycling & Sports Clothes Cleaner

Specialist washing liquid for sports garments. Formulated to deep clean and remove odours. Made in the UK.

Those who know, know. Your cycling gear is put through a lot. Sun, sweat, friction and regular washing can all contribute to a build up of bacteria, bad odours or the dreaded thinning of the fabric.  This advanced wash formula is designed for hand or machine washing of all your garments, without removing any of their protective or advanced properties. Extending the life of your cycling kit and keeping you feeling fresh on your rides.

The liquid detergent is suitable for all sports clothing


Instructions: Shake before use. Approximately 50ml of Soapy Kit Wash will clean one washload of cycling gear. In a washing machine, use a full wash cycle at 30 degrees.

Can also be used as a handwash by diluting in 5 litres of water. Suitable for sports shoes and trainers. For heavily soiled items, you can apply directly to the stain for improved performance, before washing normally.