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Meet Dom at Crankalicious
Posted by Emma Morton on

Meet Dom at Crankalicious

What is your name?

Dom from Crankalicious

Describe yourself in two words.
  • Enquiring
  • Creative
Where are you based?


What do you make/supply to BiCo?

Crankalicious hand made cycle care products.

What do you love about what you do?

Taking on the larger companies, making the products that they can't (for various reasons of scale etc.).

What's special about your products?

They're handmade in small batches to unique recipes - most competitive products are very generic. It's like getting a craft pilsener from a small brewery rather than a can of lager from the supermarket.

Favourite type of cycling?

Love both road and MTB but being lazy/time-starved it's easier to hit the trail on my battered old Trek hardtail.

Favourite cycling location?

Local lanes and cycle paths in North Essex (currently).

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