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Routes: Green Spaces & New Places - Cambridge
Posted by Emma Morton on

Routes: Green Spaces & New Places - Cambridge

We've created this route as a social ride you can do with friends or family. It's suitable for any type of bike and is mainly on designated cycle paths or away from major traffic routes. There are a couple of suggested stops for extra exploring, a picnic* or snooze. So take your blanket and supplies, take your time and enjoy the ride. 

*There are also a number of great cafe options so you'll be well served if this all sounds too organised.

Distance: Approx 5 miles

We've started the ride in the city centre, you can join the route wherever suits, it can be very busy especially on a sunny weekend so walking your bike for the first part may be best. It's a chance to really take in your surrounds.

You can find a map of the route here.

1. Head down Trinity Street and follow around to the left and then turn right. Continue straight over the bridge, maybe stop for a photo.

2. Keep going straight until you get to Queens Road, cross at the crossing and continue straight, as you pass the University Library on your left the path splits, go right up to the road, cross at the crossing and head along Adams Road.

3. At the end of the road you will see the entrance to the University Sports Ground on the left. Where the road takes a sharp right, you should carry straight on along the path. You will see the Tennis Club on your right, keep going straight.

4. Enjoy the path and green surrounds, you will eventually come to an opening on the right with two boardwalks, take the one on the right. You are now entering the West Cambridge Campus.

5. A short incline up to the road where you should turn left along Charles Babbage Road and then, a little further along, turn right onto Rose Street. Continue to the end where you will come to a cross roads. Go straight over (Madingley Road) and follow the cycle lane towards Eddington.

6. Turn left onto Turing Way and continue to follow the cycle lane around, you will eventually come to Pheasant Drive. Here you have the option to lock your bike and take a wander around Brook Leys a parkland area with a circular walk around a large pond and picnic spot. Don't miss Fata Morgana Teahouse and Pixel Wall whilst you're there. 

7. Continue back along Turing Way, until you get to Eddington Avenue where you should turn right. There are multiple refuel options here, including:

Brew Eddington
The Astronomer
Dulcedo Social

8. As you pass Storeys Field Centre take an immediate left, here there's a childrens' play area for another stop option. Take the diagonal path so the cricket field is on your immediate right. The path will intersect another path where you should turn left. Head straight and continue over the path at the crossroads. Keep going to the end.

9. Here you will join Storeys Way where you have options to take you own route, we have made this a circular ride so to get back to where you started turn right through the bollards. Enjoy the downhill along Storeys Way, keep an eye out for speed bumps and sharp corner. At the end of the road turn left, you can cycle along the pavement here.

10. Cross the road at the traffic lights to head along Grange Road (you could cycle along the Backs here but it is a busier road). Turn left at the University Real Tennis Club. you should now recognise your surroundings. Keep going straight.

11. Cross the road at the crossing and continue back along the path you took at the start, over the Cam and back along Trinity Lane to the starting point on Trinity Street.

Well done route complete! We hope you enjoyed it and discovered some new places.


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