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How to Cycle Through Summer
Posted by Emma Morton on

How to Cycle Through Summer

It's the season we look forward to, love and complain about! Whilst there is a nice breeze when you cycle in the sunshine it can leave you feeling a little sticky. So we've compiled our top tips for cycling in hot weather.

Summer is the best time to be on a bike, longer days mean more hours in the saddle. There's less kit, like waterproofs (hopefully), you need to carry around and you don't need to worry quite so much about forgetting your lights. The only down side is that the heat and humidity can make you extra sweaty which is not great on an urban ride or on your way to work.

Fear not, here are some ideas to try to keep you looking like you did when you left the house:

1. Pedal Slowly

Hear us out. I know it's counter intuitive a) to pedal slowly and b) be out for longer than needed, but it will help.  If you can set off a little earlier and meandre more, enjoying the ride and appreciating your surrounds, it will definitely pay off by the time you arrive at your destination.

2. Go for Panniers

A backpack is going to make you hot just by the fact you are carrying extra weight, but the contact on your back is going to make things even worse.  We've seen many a backpack sweat patch already this year. It's not a good look. Try to carry as much as possible on the bike rather than on you. 

3. Wear Cool or Different Clothes

The ideal is to shower at work but that means taking more kit  and may not be possible in any event. The next best thing is to have cycle specific outfits. Not necessarily lycra based, but something made of moisture wicking fabric is a good idea.  Being able to freshen up and put clean clothes on will take away any post cycle BO paranoia.

4. Try To Avoid Peak Sunshine Hours

Not much more to say on this one.

5. Look After Yourself

Keep hydrated, take a bottle of water with you and make sure you're wearing sunscreen. Take a break if you start to feel out of sorts.

We hope your next bike ride brings you sunshine.

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