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Where it all began... BiCo the story.
Posted by Emma Morton on

Where it all began... BiCo the story.

Yes get ready as the film rights are up for grabs on this story of grit and determination in the face of adversity, rags to riches, action packed thriller with a happy ending...

Ok this story is perhaps less roller coaster but there are some key themes all the same. Back in 2014 I was living in Cambridge and travelling by train a lot for work. I was increasingly using my bike to get around and to get to and from the station. I was also visiting different European cities with my job. A couple of things struck me:

It’s easy to find a reason not to cycle, it’s raining, there are no changing facilities, I’m wearing the wrong outfit.

It’s difficult to source different cycling products and innovative solutions, particularly for the everyday cyclist.

There are lots of very stylish looking bikes and cyclists around Europe, how do we bring function and good design together?

(And my IT skills were getting a little outdated but that’s another story!)

So TandemCycleStyle was born, a website promoting innovative and well designed cycling products. I spent my time travelling searching for independent producers and unique products to stock and my weekends designing the site. It has been a great experience and learning curve and I’ve loved every minute. 

Late in 2017 I decided it was time to step it up a gear with a rebrand and a more sophisticated site. Working with the great team at 10Creative we became The Bicycle Collective (BiCo) this year. We are working with some new suppliers and featuring new products to help you on and off the bike, so it’s really exciting times.

It has and continues to be a lot of fun, it has taken a lot of determination and hard work and I’m very excited about where the journey is going next. So perhaps this isn’t the full story but the first chapter...a boxset instead of a film!

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