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Routes: The Cambridge Circuit Answers
Posted by Emma Morton on

Routes: The Cambridge Circuit Answers

 Q: What are the opening hours of the Lido?

A: 7am - 7 pm, 7 Days a week


Jesus Green Lido Opening Hours

Q: What activity can you do at the clubhouse?

A: Grass Bowls

Cambridge Grass Bowls

Q: Name the twin

A: Kreis Viersen (Note this has changed recently and so is no longer factually correct but the sign remains!)


Q: What is this the Centre of?

A: The Centre of Mathematical Sciences

The Centre for Mathematical Sciences Cambridge

Q: Who is based at Ghost Island?

A: Birds or Adams Road Bird Sanctuary

Q: Where can you find this #Cambridgesport?

A: University of Cambridge Sports Ground

Q. What is at 3 Sylvester Road?

A: Robinson College Graduate Student Residence

Q: What was founded in 1966?

A: Clare Hall Cambridge

Q: Which College does St. Chad's belong to?

A: St Catherine's College


Q: What's the Release Fee at the Centre for Music and Science?

A: £25

University of Cambridge Parking Fine £25

Q: Who has a building named after them at Gonville and Caius College?

A: Stephen Hawking

The Stephen Hawking Building

Q: Name the two Faculties.

A: Faculty of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

    Faculty of Classics



Q: Who lives at number 17?

A: Chris Adams

Q: How far is Chesterton?

 A: 1.5 miles

Cycle Route Sign

Q: What year was Charles Humfrey born?

A: 1772

Blue Plaque

Q: What year is on the coat of arms of the pink boathouse?

A: 2000


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  • Thanks for This! It was a lovely tour.

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