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The Cambridge Circuit
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The Cambridge Circuit

Routes is our social club, for in person events connected to cycling.

The Cambridge Circuit is a just for fun treasure hunt intended for cycling or could also be done on foot or by scooter. We hope you enjoy it and discover some new parts of Cambridge.

Please note all participants do so at their own risk, The Bicycle Collective accepts no liability. Please register and refer to our full terms here Click

Distance: Just over 5.5 miles/ 9KM

Time: It really depends on your mode of transport and how fast you are. We recommend taking it slowly to enjoy your surrounds and the suggested refreshment stops along the way.

Rules: There are no rules, other than to be safe, respect other road and pavement users and have fun! We've tried to group the directions so you can read ahead to avoid looking at your phone while riding. We also recommend stopping and getting off your bike when searching for clues.


  • Some clues and stops will only be accessible during working hours.
  • You will need something to note your answers down, you may find it easiest to take photos.
  • Question locations are marked by stars on the map.

 Route available in Google Maps Here

1. Start at The Kerb Kollective on Riverside, there are railings opposite to lock your bike to or wheel up the ramp if you fancy a coffee before setting off. This will give you time to read the directions below.

2. Ride along with the river on your right.

Q: What are the opening hours of the Lido?

3. Cross the Jesus Lock Bridge and the road on the zebra crossing carry straight on up Carlyle Road.

Cyclists Dismount Sign

4. Turn left into Alexandra Gardens (park) and cycle around the park path in either direction.

Q: What activity can you do from the clubhouse?

5. Leave the park in the north west corner and turn right onto Alpha Road then turn left at the end onto St Lukes Road cross straight over Magrath Avenue (dismount) and wheel around the back of the flats to the steps and bike ramp. Go up and then head straight through Castle Park towards Castle Hill, where you will turn left. Be Traffic Aware - can be a busy road.

Q: Name the twin

6. Take an immediate right onto Castle Row (just before the Namaste restaurant). Careful with the traffic here. At the end of Castle Row turn right and follow the cycle route signs left and down onto Lady Margaret Road. Move into the right hand lane to turn right onto Madingley Road (note there's a cycle path straight over the junction). Keep going along Madingley Road to the second set of traffic lights where there's a pedestrian path on the left take it and then take the first right along the path.

Q: What is this the Centre of?

7. Keep going straight to the end, turn left and continue straight along Wilberforce Road. 

Q: Where can you find this #Cambridgesport?

8. Follow the road around and turn right onto Sylvester Road.

Q. What is at 3 Sylvester Road?

9. Turn left onto Herschel Road, continue to the end.

Q: What was founded in 1966?

10. Turn right at the end of the road.

Q: Which College does St. Chad's belong to?

11. Turn left onto West Road and head down to the opposite end of the road.

Q: Which famous physicist has a building named after them at Gonville and Caius College?

11. Turn right towards Harvey Court. Note access to the next section may be restricted to Harvey's trading hours. You are entering a College site so if in doubt please check at The Porter's Lodge, Gonville & Caius.

Ready for a breather? Harvey's Coffee House is a great spot both inside their spacious cafe and outside on the terrace area. You can lock your bike down the gravel path and through the gate at the end. 

 Harvey's Coffee Sign

 12. Carry on along the gravel path through the gate and past the cycle parking.

Q: Name the two Faculties.

13. Turn left onto Sidgwick Avenue up to the junction. You are entering a busy traffic area. Go straight over at the traffic lights and continue straight up to the Give Way sign/junction. Turn right at the end and take an immediate left along Botolph Lane.

Q: Who lives at number 17?

14. Turn right at the end of Botolph Lane and then left. Note busy traffic area.

Head along Downing Street to the end. Go right at the traffic lights onto St Andrew's Street. Keep going until you reach the University Arms Hotel, turn left after the hotel towards Parker's Piece.

Keep left on the path with the hotel on your left. Follow the cycle path to the end and then head straight over at the traffic lights onto Clarendon Road. Keep going straight.

Q: How far is Chesterton?

15. Continue straight over the onto Fair Street at the end and onto the pedestrian crossing. Before crossing the road check to your left.

Q: What year was Charles Humfrey born?

16. Cross at the crossing and follow the path to the right, keep going towards the bridge and cross the first cattle grid crossing.

Q: What year is on the coat of arms of the pink boathouse?

17. Cross the second cattle grid crossing. Continue along the river back to the start. Congratulations you have completed the challenge!

Grab another coffee at Kerb Kollective or something colder next door at The Engineer's House. You can check your answer here.

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