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Meet The Makers Stories
Posted by Emma Morton on

Meet The Makers Stories

All the products we sell have a story, this is really important to us at The Bicycle Collective and something we want to share to help our customers make informed choices.

We spend a lot of time researching both the items themselves and their origins.  First and foremost we want to support good cycling experiences with fun, stylish and practical solutions.  The provenance, sustainability and ethical credentials of our suppliers is a huge part of that.

As a collective we seek to work in partnership with like minded businesses who hold the same values as we do. Here's some examples:

GoodOrdering supplier of pannier, backpacks, handlebar and saddle bags, independent, founder owned business based in the UK.

Founded by Jacqui Ma back in 2012, Good Ordering is an independent cycling accessories business based in Hackney, East London.  All bags are designed by Jacqui who, prior to setting up GoodOrdering, designed bags for numerous mainstream brands. The bags have a retro look with the modern user in mind with multiple pockets and sections for phones, laptops and all your other essentials. 

GoodOrdering Bags


Fahrer supplier of reflective bands made from recycled materials.

Based in Berlin, Fahrer have used their ethical approach to create something unique.  All of their products are made from recycled truck tarpaulin, boat covers and inflatables.  This means they are hardwearing and no two products are the same.  They adopt responsible working practices when it comes to the production of all of their products. 

Fahrer Reflective Trouser Bands


24Bottles supplier of the re-usable and carbon neutral urban bottle.

We have been working with 24Bottles since the very beginning. We love their fun and stylish approach to life.  We also love the fact their bottles are made from stainless steel making them lightweight, suitable for hot and cold drinks and also minimising the use of plastic.  Designed in Italy they are made with zero emissions offset through their tree planting programme. They even mark on the bottles -0,08 kg  to remind you the quantity of CO2 you save from releasing into the atmosphere every time you refill instead of buying a disposable water bottle.

24Bottles Lightweight Urban Bottle

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