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Editions Profile: Courier Magazine
Posted by Emma Morton on

Editions Profile: Courier Magazine

We've been subscribing to Courier magazine for a number of years and are big fans, so it was always gong to be our first choice for launching Editions our independent magazine feature. In fact it is fair to say it gave us the inspiration to create this reading room of independent titles.

In truth we had aspirations of starting this from a bricks and mortar location, but times have changed and so we have decided to go ahead and run it as an online feature.  We will be profiling a different title each month, all of which will be available to buy on the website.  We wanted to create a kind of book club for magazines to showcase the excellent titles that are currently available. We hope we can still create connection by doing this online and so welcome your comments on the various titles we will feature.  We've profiled Courier below to kick things off.

Courier describes itself as a modern business magazine, which is a good start but it is much more than that. It's at the forefront of innovative and new business concepts from around the world.  It's jam packed full of stories of entrepreneurs, investors, disruptors and new product ideas.  There's a bias towards start ups which gives it's content an energy.  Authenticity is a word that is frequently banded about but with Courier it is spot on, both in terms of their approach and their subject matter.  That's what makes you excited to get your hands on the latest copy, you know you are always going to discover innovative new ideas you haven't previously come across, read about people who are passionate about what they do and ultimately be inspired.  There's something about Courier that just gives you the feel good factor.

What we also like is that it achieves a perfect balance between being a serious business publication whilst keeping it light.  The content and presentation means you can dip in and out whilst also getting enough detail from an article. It makes business feel more accessible. If you’ve been nurturing an idea for sometime this is the magazine to help you put it into action. It has real relevance and an element of current affairs to it which means it should appeal to most people.

The latest copy can be purchased here:

Want to give it a test run? You can subscribe to their weekly email and podcast or look out for their free London edition.

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