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Cycling Resolutions
Posted by Emma Morton on

Cycling Resolutions

New Year, New You right?

Cycling is a great choice you can make to introduce exercise into your daily routine. It’s a brilliant way to be outside more, not to mention the financial and environmental benefits of pedal power. It can be difficult this time of year when it’s dark and cold outside, so here are some tips to ensure you stay safe and are always cycle ready.

1. See

Lights on your bike are so so important. There are lots of obstacles to avoid  including potholes, pedestrians and debris. Being able to see well ahead of where you are going is essential.

These magnetic lights from CopenhagenParts are lightweight and easy to mount so are a great thing to have in a riders night cycling kit.


2. ...And Be Seen

I see so many cyclists wearing black with no lights on their bike. It’s so dangerous and makes you vulnerable to all types of traffic.  In addition to the basics such as wearing highly visible outer layers and lights as above, there are some neat tricks you can adopt to ensure you can be seen. Reflectives on your bike or helmet only have to be applied once and then become a permanent solution.

These reflective bike kits are adhesive strips which become part of your frame design by day and ensure your bike becomes a beacon in front of vehicle headlights by night.

3. Stay Dry

It’s very easy to look out of the window and be put off by the weather. In my experience you always feel better for cycling in the wet weather but it can be a challenge making yourself get out there. It really helps if you’ve got the right kit, especially where you are commuting to work and want to turn up looking half decent.  The People’s Poncho is designed to be worn over the top of your day clothes.  The detailing including handle bar hooks and weighted base ensure your lower half stays dry. I wear the hood under my cycling helmet which I find works well to keep me completely dry.

These saddle covers can be left on your bike when it’s parked or put on to a wet saddle when you’re ready to ride. They are really compact and don’t take up any space in your bag.

4. Storage

Having good storage on your bike is one of those things you don’t think about much but if it’s easy to carry everything on your bike why would you take your car.  GoodOrdering’s rucksack pannier is a great three way bag you can easily carry on and off the bike. It’s also great for storing your waterproofs and lights, amongst other things.

5. Practical Solutions

Making cycling as easy as possible will help it become part of your regular routine. Snagging your clothes on your bike or getting covered in oil is not going to help you bond with your bike.  These reflective leg bands are made from recycled materials and will keep your trousers well away from the chain.

6. Keep Hydrated

Another good New Year resolution is to increase your water intake.  It’s important when cycling and something we probably overlook if not on a long distance ride.  These collapsible bottles are great to take with you and neatly fit in your bag when empty.

7. Stay Safe

I can’t stress this enough, they’re all obvious things but being well lit up, lights on your bike, wearing a helmet are all important to ensure you ride safe and feel confident on your ride.




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